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Breast Lump not shown on ultrasound

Shayma Parveen
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Hi there I am just looking to see if any one had had a similar experience. I found a lump in in left breast accidently and you can only see and feel it if breast is in a certain position. Went to gp who could also see and feel it so sent me to breast clininc where I was at today. I saw the specialist and he said all he could feel was dense breast tissue and left breast probably more dense then other he sent me for an ultrasound and It did not show anything so specialist was still saying was just dense tissue but I don't feel anymore reassured as I know there is a lump that I can see and feel that has never been there before, should I off asked for more tests? I have also recently been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma so I am worrying a lot even though I'm trying not too.

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I'm sorry to hear that you've recently noticed some breast changes and also that you've been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. It's not surprising that you're feeling worried and anxious about things. 

The majority of women who attend breast clinic are not diagnosed with cancer and it's reassuring to hear that not of immediate concern was picked up on the ultrasound but I can understand why you're still concerned. 

Do get back in touch with your GP for some further advice and support or alternatively you can us for quick advice. I'm sure they will be happy to talk things through with you and offer any advice and support that they can. 

Best wishes