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I’ve been referred to gynaecological oncologist

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I had an appointment with GP last Friday, due to having spotting between periods and after sex. Dr did an internal examination and took a swab. She said she was sending an urgent referral to the gynecolgical oncologist, but didn't expand on why just said not to worry. Does this mean I have suspected cancer? My gynea appointment isn't for another week and I'm absolutely terrified 

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Unfortunately neither the nurses nor anyone on here are going to be be to say what is the matter, and similar experiences are going to be individual to those on the Forum. There are signs and symptoms doctors look out for, and when a patient has these they refer onto the hospital for more tests just in case something more sinister is going on. This is called the 2 week wait. 

The majority of the time the person referred does not have a cancer, but this is the quickest most streamlined way of ruling something out rather than you waiting for many weeks.

The main issue for you now is waiting for your appointment, and trying to keep your mind distracted to help pass the time. I know that this is far easier said than done, but hopefully you know will more soon. In the meantime I hope you have someone you trust to talk this out with, if you want to talk to us the number to call is 9205758178