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CT scans and results on the day

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Hi all, hoping someone can help shed some light on something for me. My nan went for a CT scan yesterday, presumably to look for bowel cancer, and as she was alone we are confused as to what was said. It is usual does anyone know for them to say there and then what was seen, but then to say wait for consultant appointment? She rang my poor mum after and said they had said it was bowel cancer and there was a hole in the bowel wall, however later on when I spoke to her she simply said I dont know, they didnt say anything. She is very confused as I think the anemia is affecting her, and they wont treat it until they have a firm diagnosis. Although I am concerned it is bowel cancer, is it typical for a technician at a CT scan to say something like that then send someone away? We are not sure if this came from her talking to a person in the waiting area.

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Hi Reena,

Welcome to this great forum. I'm sorry I don't have a concrete answer for you but it's been my experience that they never say anything for they only operate the machine and it need to be looked at by someone who is qualified to interpret the results. Usually you have to wait for a week or two so I would think it unlikely she was told anything.

Hope it turns out she has not got cancer, Sending best wishes to you both and please let us know how it turns out.