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Feeling of something stuck in throat

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For 5 months I've had the sensation of something sharp or prickly low down in my throat, which obviously makes me cough a bit and want to clear my throat. I have no problem swallowing and don't have any other symptoms other than occasional earache ( which oddly switches between ears) and a very slight croak in my voice which I can feel no one listening to me can notice.

Have had anti-biotics and also blood test (which came back "normal") but due to Covid no face to face consultation. ( Currently awaiting one with ENT)

Obviously driving me mad and causing a lot of anxiety. 

Has anyone had anything similar, or any suggestions. 

Obviously I'm concerned about throat cancer but it seems odd that the symptoms have not worst and I haven't developed any new ones 

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Hi...I can hear your anxiety. Have you ever heard of globus?  A sensation which makes you think there is a lump at the back of your throat when there isn't?  I, like you had the same symptoms and the more I worried the worse it got.  Certainly, I had something as I kept coughing and throat clearing. The more I worried, the worse my symptoms. I went to 3/4 doctors in Cornwall who said 'it's all in your mind'...unbelievably.  One night was so bad, I coughed and coughed and I found myself in the out of hours drop in centre after my husband called 111.  Fortunately, I saw a lovely doctor from London who immediately diagnosed reflux. But I hsve no burning sensation I said. He said it's reflux. I was given Omeprazole (since had Ranitidine too) but still now Omeprazole and literally overnight my symptoms disappeared. I did have an endoscopy which did reveal erythema in tummy and oesophagitis of course.Try not to worry. Many people have these symptoms. I was going through a lot of stress studying at the time, staying up all night aged 40. Best wishes for you.