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Could it be lung cancer?

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This is my first time posting and hoping for some feedback on your experience around symptoms and early diagnosis

i have ongoing issues with shortness of breath, made worse why lying down. Occasional dry cough. Coughed up blood on a few occasions and extremely tired. I voiced my concerns to the GP and was referred for an asthma assessment which was clear. I was then sent for bloods and a chest X-ray. Bloods came back with elevated CRP, chest X-ray clear. I was then referred for a lung CT and to a consultant under the heart and lung clinic - I had the results from the CT last week and the consultant advised that there were changes found - multiple enlarged lymph notes and a shadow on my right lung - my scan went to MDT apparently due to my age (33) and the plan is to repeat CT scan again within 2 weeks - any further changes they would like a biopsy. Bloods still showing elevated CRP!

I know it's the worst thing to do but google has lead me here - I've pretty much convinced myself I will be diagnosed with lung cancer! 

Has anyone been through similar? 


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I'm sorry to hear that you're having episodes of feeling unwell following your recent colonoscopy. It's understandable that you may be feeling anxious. Don't be worried about bothering healthcare professionals if you feel unwell. It's better to get these things checked and to be given peace of mind than to wait and become more unwell. 

If you feel unwell again over the weekend then maybe text us for some advice. 

I hope things settle for you soon and your upcoming procedure goes smoothly. 

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